Our Vision

Owners of Once Upon A Christmas Tree Farm

The Farm

Being that we’re from the South, we want to bring some of that southern charm to our Utah farm.

We want to welcome each person who visits the farm like they’re family. (Watch out for Jaems…she’s a hugger.)

During the Christmas season, we plan on sharing our family’s southern comfort dishes with you. We call them a hug in a bowl…chicken ‘n’ dumplins’, gumbo, and our award winning chili.

Jaems is a diehard Dolly Parton fan, and if you are too, you’ll see nods to Dolly and her life around the farm.

Even the name of the farm was taken from one of Dolly’s Christmas albums, “Once Upon A Christmas”.

Maybe you recognize a few names of our farm equipment? Jolene, Carl Dean, and Smoky?

The gorgeous butterfly benches are another tribute to Dolly.

Dolly has been such an inspiration to Jaems…even motivating her to pursue this farm dream. In return, Jaems honors her in how we run the farm.

In the end, we want to share our southern hospitality with you and your family while visiting the farm.

Come join us for a slower and simpler pace of life, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

Why Christmas Trees?

We are one of those families who REALLY love Christmas. I mean, like, a lot! So much, that we used to rent a boom just to hang Christmas lights on our house!

Our love and passion for Christmas is only one aspect to our why.

Our other why starts back in 2008. We were stationed at Columbus AFB, MS, and it was here where we experienced our first Christmas tree farm.

We climbed into a wagon that was pulled by horses. He drove us to his Christmas trees where we wondered around looking for the perfect tree.

Once we found it, we watched as he shook out our tree needles using a machine, and then pulled it through a netter. We enjoyed hot chocolate out of an orange igloo cooler.

It was simple, but oh so magical. An amazing memory that never left us! It planted a seed that grew into a dream of owning our very own Christmas tree farm.

Fast forward to 2022…we bought that farm! A beautiful 19-acre farm located in northern Utah. Within the first few months, we planted our first 1000 baby Christmas trees.

Until our hand-planted trees are ready to be harvested, we’ll sell pre-cut Christmas trees from the Pacific Northwest.

We will be open for the Christmas season starting in 2023! We’ll have the trees, lights, firepit, gift shop, Santa, soups, hot chocolate, and maybe a few more surprises.

You know those cheesy, but addictive Christmas Hallmark movies? Yeah…those are the Christmas tree farm vibes we’re hoping to provide to you and your family.

And Why Flowers?

Flowers were never part of the farm dream. We never envisioned having enough land to even consider them.

Once we mapped out the Christmas tree fields and saw how much land was “leftover”, we decided to add flowers. And not just any flowers.

We’ll be offering an u-pick flower garden full of bright and cheerful blooms.

We want others to experience the peace and serenity the farm offers by coming out and picking your own bouquet of flowers.

From there, more flower field ideas have popped up. We decided to add a .25 acre of nothing but bright red poppies and host “Picnic in the Poppies”.

Sunflowers tend to be lot of people’s favorite flower, so we had to add a sunflower patch.

Daffodils are special to me, because my dad made them special when I was younger, so we have a patch of those as well. They are under the most picture perfect tree and to top it off, we added the sweetest tree swing.

Every day, more and more flower farming ideas come to us and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Our Farming Background

We have zero experience in farming, zero agriculture knowledge, and we know very little about owning and operating a small business.

This will be a huge learning curve for us, but within the first year we converted canal irrigation into drip irrigation. That’s a big deal and it solidified that we can, in fact, do this.

We know we’re going to be challenged and we have a lot to learn, but we ain’t scared.

We’re ready to put in the work to create a special and unique destination here in Utah.


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