Meet the Farmers

Owners of Once Upon A Christmas Tree Farm

We are Bryan and Jaems. We were both born and raised outside of Memphis, Tennessee. We met in college. Bryan was my flight commander in ROTC. ; )

After college, Bryan went on to join the Air Force and fly the F-16.

Once his active duty commitment was up, he decided to go into the reserves and became a commercial airline pilot.

Outside of flying, Bryan loves video games! Him and our son play together all the time.

Bryan also prioritizes his health. He enjoys his gym time.

One last hobby of Bryan’s is cooking and baking! He’s a “MasterChef” in the kitchen.

From his filet mignon eggs benedict to his chocolate souffle, just know, we eat well in this house!

Today, along with wearing his flight suit and his airline uniform, he’s added overalls and Carhartt to his wardrobe.

I couldn’t do this “farm thing” without him. He commits his time and energy into the farm like it’s his own dream.

Now, onto the other farmer, me, Jaemye…or my nickname, Jaems.

Being a military spouse, I had a couple of careers while we moved around.

I went to polygraph school and specialized in sex offender management. I even worked with the FBI on a couple of cases.  

As we started moving around more often, I gave up work and stayed home with our kids.

Once we got to Utah, I started volunteering at a domestic violence shelter, where I later got hired as the children’s caseworker.

Once Bryan got hired by the airlines, I left my job and decided to travel the world.

Prior to 2020, I traveled all the time! In one month, I was in both Cuba and South Korea!

Anyway, what else do I like? Like Bryan, I prioritize my health. I like working out, but mainly because I REALLY like to eat.

I’m a diehard foodie. I love trying new restaurants. I’ll pretty much try anything once…well, almost anything.

I love all things Dolly Parton. Her life story, lyrics, music, fashion, and her love for our home state of Tennessee.

Bryan and I have two children who are the center of our universe. Even now, as they’re adults, we still prioritize our time with them.

As a family, we love to travel. We’re all foodies. So, experiencing new places and restaurants are ways we spend time together.

You might not see our kids, Kelsye and Gavin, on a day-to-day basis on the farm. However, they will help when they can.

Kelsye also works for the airlines, so her schedule is sporadic. Gavin is working on his commercial aviation degree at the University of North Dakota.