U-Pick Flowers

We are thrilled to welcome you to our Southern inspired flower farm.

Being that we’re both from Tennessee, our goal is to bring a little southern charm to Utah. We want to share our slower way of life with y’all.

With the mountains as your backdrop, come walk through bright and colorful rows of handplanted, locally grown flowers. There will be a variety of dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, and many others.


Everyone needs to purchase a ticket prior to arriving at the farm.

U-Pick Flower Ticket: The cost for picking flowers is $30. This includes a 32oz souvenir cup, a bottle of water, and two hours of picking flowers.

We limit the number of u-pick tickets to ensure we have enough flowers and we keep the crowds reasonable.

We do not count stems, so if it fits in your cup, it’s yours. 

Companion/”Just Looking” Ticket: Due to the extensive cost of maintaining and insuring the flower fields, we are charging admission for folks who are “just looking”.

Another reason we charge for this ticket is to maintain crowd control. We want the farm to be a place of peace and relaxation. If too many people are here at once, it loses that rural, quiet, country vibe. 

The cost for a companion/just looking ticket is $10 which includes admission for a two hour event and a bottle of water. We limit these tickets per event. 

Kids five and under: Free. Please read below for our expectations of children visiting the farm. 

*ALL SALES ARE FINAL. You are able to change your event time up to 48 hours prior to the event. Reschedules will be offered based on availability due to inclement weather or if you have a scheduling conflict. 

Unfortunately, we can’t allow refunds within 48 hours of the event, because it is too difficult to re-sale those tickets last minute.

Dates and Time

We expect to be open from August till the first frost. The dates and times will vary from week to week.

We want to ensure that there are plenty of flowers available, so there might be breaks to allow for new flowers to bloom.

The best way to know when we’re going to be open, is to follow us on social media and/or sign up for our email updates.

The times will be in the mornings and/or early evenings to avoid the hottest part of the day. It’s better for you and for the flowers.

How it works

  1. You will book your ticket(s) online to secure your date and two hour time block.
  2. Check-in upon arrival, where you will receive your bottle of water and souvenir cup (if picking flowers).
  3. We have garden snips for you to borrow, and we have rulers to help guide you on where to cut the stems.
  4. We’ll walk you out to the fields for a quick tour and tutorial 
  5. Take your time and walk through the 32 rows of bright and colorful flowers. Fill your cup with your favorites. Please limit two to three dahlias per cup. We ask that you respect the flowers and only cut what you plan to take home.
  6. Feel free to take pictures around the flowers before heading home. We’d love to see your photos, so please tag us when you share to social media. (*No professional photography allowed when we’re open to the general public. You will be asked to leave if you’re conducting professional staged photo sessions while we’re open to the public. Click here if you’re a photographer.)
  7. Once your are done, return your snips and enjoy your freshly cut bouquet. 

What to bring during your visit to the farm

First and foremost, bring OFF! Our property lines the Bear River Canal, so are mosquitoes. 

Sunscreen! We also recommend wearing a hat, as the flower fields are in full sun.

Bring extra water or drinks. 

You are welcome to bring a blanket and picnic/snacks.

Expectations and rules for the farm

This is an active farm. There will be bugs (bring OFF!), bees, and possibly other critters.

They aren’t lookin’ for trouble, so please leave them be and move onto another flower or row.

Wear appropriate clothing to visit the farm.

The ground is rough and uneven in areas, so be aware, watch your step, and wear closed toe shoes.

Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs on the farm. As much as we LOVE dogs, not everyone feels the same. We want this experience to be enjoyable for everyone. 

Parents of little ones:

We LOVE children, but please keep a watchful eye on them. Please do not allow them to pick and pull on the flowers or trample through the rows.

We reserve the right to charge additional fees for any damage caused by children. 

A gentle reminder, our farm is a peaceful place for all. Unruly children and their parents may be asked to leave. 

Private Events

If you’d like to book the u-pick flower garden for a private event, please feel free to contact us here.

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